Travel Medical FAQs

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

Unfortunate events can happen anywhere, anytime. While on travel you may lose your passport or baggage or face a medical emergency. In a foreign land, you may get stranded as you are not aware of many things and coping up with such emergencies in a foreign land may turn out to be really expensive. Overseas travel insurance helps to cope up with such unprecedented events so that you are not left in the lurch in any kind of emergency.

What if I cut short my trip?

That’s covered. Don’t worry.

You can cancel your policy and premium will be refunded if the difference between the date of arrival of insured and end date of the policy is 15 days or more. Cancellation charges will apply.

But no cancellation will be allowed if a claim is filed on the policy. We endeavor to serve your interests in all circumstances and assume that you are the best judge of what you actually need. Therefore, in case you find the policy not suitable for your needs, you can request for the cancellation of the policy purchased. All our policies have a free-look period of 15 days from the date you receive the policy within which you will get back your premium paid without any questions asked.

What if I find the policy is not suitable for you after I receive the policy documents?

No worries. There is a 15 days free-look period for our policies. So if you find the policy unsuitable, you can cancel the policy and get back the premium you have paid within this free-look period.

Are pre-existing diseases covered under the policy?

No. Claims on account of pre-existing diseases/conditions are not covered under this policy.

Will the policy cover claims related to diabetes if I declared it while purchasing the policy?


Claims on account of pre-existing diseases / medical conditions, whether they are declared or not declared, are not covered under this policy.

What if I am a frequent flyer?

You can opt for a more convenient multi-trip policy if you are a frequent flyer. We offer multi-trip policies for one year with an option of a maximum period of travel of 30 days or 45 days or 60 days per trip. So you can choose your policy as per your expected needs and maximum duration per trip.

What if I am hospitalized but my son has to return to school?

IFFCO Tokio travel insurance covers the cost of travel of your minor child back to your home location, in case you’re hospitalized and traveling alone with your child/children.

What if I have fractured my leg during rock climbing on my vacation and can’t travel economy class?

You can fly business class and the travel insurance will cover the cost of up-gradation when returning in case you are hospitalized for over 5days consecutively due to an injury while on the trip.

What if I want my mother to visit me while hospitalized in a foreign land?

No worries. Your mom can travel from your home to your hospital and IFFCO Tokio’s travel insurance will compensate for the expenses under the 2-way Compassionate visit cover for one immediate family member to your current location.

What if you wish to make a phone call to your spouse often while hospitalized?

We understand the agony of being hospitalized in a foreign land. The travel insurance will cover communication costs under the daily hospitalization allowance, which is a specific amount per day of stay at the hospital. This also covers other miscellaneous costs such as attendant’s charges, transportation, and communication incurred which are otherwise not mentioned under any specific clause in the policy.

What if you break an article in a shop and a fellow customer is injured?

This is covered under Personal Liability. The overseas travel insurance provides protection against legal liabilities for accidental physical injury to a third party or damage to the property of a third party by the insured.

What if I can’t find my passport?

You need to get a new/duplicate passport issued by the relevant authorities. Expenses for the issue of a new or duplicate passport are covered under the policy.

What if the airline carrier loses or delays to give me my Checked-In Baggage?

This is covered under Loss of Checked-In Baggage. The travel insurance compensates for expenses for your checked-in baggage that you lost while in custody of the Common Carrier or there is a delay in receiving of Checked-In Baggage beyond twelve hours consecutively.

What if a technical glitch caused my flight to be delayed?

This is covered under Trip Delay which covers expenses incurred on account of delay in departure of your flight beyond 12 hours consecutively due to reasons/issues specified.

What if I cancelled my trip because of a Tsunami?

This is covered under Trip Cancellation & Interruption. The travel insurance compensates for the financial loss incurred on account of cancellation of your trip due to any natural calamities, disaster, etc. or manmade situations that are not under anyone’s control.

What if I fall during rock climbing adventure trek and lose my tooth?

The Dental Expenses cover of the policy will compensate for such losses on account of any injury while on your trip.

What if I meet with an accident?

Personal Accident: The insurance covers accidental death or permanent total disability when you are traveling abroad. If there is accidental death during your international travel, your nominee will get a lump sum payment of sum insured.

What if I have to be evacuated while mountain climbing during my trip?

This is covered under Medical Evacuation: In events where you need to be transferred to a place where you can get a medical facility, the insurance policy covers the costs of such emergency medical evacuation.

What if I get down by influenza during my trip?

The Medical Cover of your travel insurance covers the expenses incurred for your hospitalization or treatment if you are diagnosed with an illness during your trip. If you still require further treatment upon your return, expenses for the same will be covered for up to a period of 30 days or up to policy end date, whichever is earlier.

What kind of sum insured is good enough for Schengen countries?

Travel insurance with a minimum insured sum of USD 50,000 will be good enough.

Will there be any applicable sub-limits for countries in Schengen?

No, sub-limits are not applicable to Schengen countries.

Do I require pre-approval for a medical treatment or hospitalization abroad?

Pre-approval is required for cashless claims. For this, you should get in touch with our TPA who will organize for cashless claims for the treatment.

How do I get pre-approval of hospitalization?

For pre-approval of hospitalization claim, you should get in touch with our TPA at the following contact details:

  • Paramount Management Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Elite Auto House, 1st Floor, Travel Health Dept. Chakala, Andheri (E), 54-A, M.Vasanji Road, Mumbai- 400093.

Tel: 00 91 22 40004216 / 40004219.

Fax: 00 91 22 67021259 / 260.

Toll-Free: 1 866 978 5205. (within the USA)


  • Europe Assistance India Pvt. Ltd., Star Hub Building No. 2, 7th Floor, Near ITC Maratha Hotel, Sahar, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400059.

Tel: +91-22-67872021.

US Toll-Free: +1 8334288421.

Email ID:

You may also call a devoted Helpline number for IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance - 0091 22 67515551.

Internation travel Insurance Plan|France Gold 100 Plan|IFFCO Tokio

No. Since the product requirements are different for Schengen countries from Non-Schengen countries, you need to buy 2 separate policies; one for the Schengen countries and another for the Non-Schengen countries (Excluding the US and Canada plan).

The Schengen visa requires a no sub-limit plan, so a Non-Schengen plan (with sub-limits) shall not be valid in Schengen countries. Therefore it’s prudent to check the geographical scope of the policies before buying to avoid last-minute hassles.

Which all Schengen countries mandate the compulsory purchase of travel insurance?

The Schengen Area is a cluster of 26 European nations that mandate the compulsory purchase of travel insurance. This may cover expenses up to 30000 Euros without any sub-limits for five days on account of an injury sustained whilst on a trip.

Following is the list of European Union member countries which are Non-Schengen states but with similar travel insurance requirements:

  • Bulgaria.
  • Croatia.
  • Cyprus.
  • Romania.

What are the modes of payment?

We accept payments through any of the following options available online:

  • Credit Card: Secured payments with your VISA, MasterCard, AMEX Cards.
  • Debit Card: Make the payments directly through your VISA, Mastercard debit cards.
  • Net Banking: Transfer premium online through your bank accounts online.
  • Cash Card: Use your cash cards to make the premium payments online.
  • Paytm: We also accept payments from wallets like Paytm or those of renowned banks.

What if I fail to produce the required documents?

There are certain documents that are mandatory for claim processing. However, we can accept surrogate documents/means, depending upon the nature and objective of the claim wherever it is possible.

Within how many days should the claim for insurance benefit be submitted?

Within 30 days after the completion of treatment. In the event of death, claims can be submitted after the repatriation of the person's remains/burial.

What is the process if I need to claim later?

The forms are available on the website. You will also receive the forms along with the policy which can be submitted with the relevant documents.

Do you cover ambulance charges also?

Yes, we do cover ambulance charges. We also cover the charges of medical evacuation in emergencies.

Do you issue a card which will enable treatment in the selected hospitals?

In case of hospitalization, you need to call the helpline numbers and so that the cashless facility is arranged for you in the nearest hospital where you can avail treatment. All you need to do is show is your passport number and the policy number. For worldwide policies, an e-card is mailed to you along with policy certificate. You can use this e-card for availing the cashless facility in most of US hospitals or in other countries.

How many providers in the US accept IFFCO Tokio’s International Travel Insurance?

We have tie-ups with the local Assistance Service Providers through our Third Party Assistance partner. Thus we have wide coverage in the US or any other part of the world. The TPA helps in arranging the cashless facility for you at the nearest hospital.

Do we need to carry the policy papers with us when they are traveling?

Not necessary. After purchasing the policy online, you will get the policy document which is digitally signed and valid throughout the world. Once you make a payment, the policy will be generated instantly and you can take printouts immediately. Even if the policy is lost, all you need to do is log in to our website through your login ID and password, and take a printout instantly.

How does the reimbursement claim process work?

You need to submit the required claim documents to the TPA who checks them thoroughly. If all the documents are in order, the payment will be reimbursed within 15 days.

What is the deductible that you offer?

Our deductible is US $ 100, per illness basis. This implies that for any claim, the first $100 is to be borne by you. However, there is no requirement of any co-pays. Similarly, the deductible for the loss of passport is $ 50 and a policy excess for an airplane hijack is 12 hours.

If hospitalisation is for more than 2 consecutive days, this advantage can be applied once only during the period of the policy. But this does not imply that the insured will need to accept hospitalisation expenses for the initial two days. This deductible is for daily hospital allowance and not for hospitalisation. This allowance is for expenses other than hospitalisation expenses. We will pay you a daily compensation towards hospitable allowance if the hospitalization is for a period of more than 2 consecutive days.

Would you settle my claim when I am back in India?

Yes. We can settle claims once you return back to India or even when you are abroad. We also have a cashless facility in case of hospitalization for which the entire process happens during the stay itself. For cashless claims, you should get in touch with our TPA who arranges for the cashless treatment in the nearest hospital. So whether you claim abroad or when you are back in India, the claims would be settled with our TPA.

When do I receive the policy after purchasing it online?

You will receive the hard copy within 15 working days from the date of purchase. However, you can instantly print the policy after buying it online. This print is a valid legal document which can be used in the events of claims along with your passport details and policy number.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my policy?

Yes. You may cancel your policy which you bought online. The premium amount will be refunded on a pro-rata basis provided there are no claims made subject to minimum 30 days left for the policy to expire.