What does the policy cover?

  • All the employees who have been named in the policy are also insured against accidental death or injury. This saves you from your third-party liability as our company would reimburse for their treatment or death (up to the limit specified).
  • Any losses that would have to be incurred by you due to dishonesty or fraud committed by an employee could have the potential to ruin your business altogether. This in turn can cause significant losses to you. With the Trade Insurance Policy, you are protected against any such happening.
  • When you are not in your office and suddenly some untoward incident occurs, such as fire or burglary, it can cause significant losses. With Trade Insurance Policy, such untoward incidents are covered.
  • You are safe against any direct loss of money due to theft or dacoity.
  • If you are involved in an accident, our policy will safeguard you and your family against any expenses that might be incurred for your treatment. In case of any tragic accident resulting in death, your family would be reimbursed the insurance amount, up to the specified limit.