What are important points about the policy?

  • Farmers can enroll under the scheme via their bank branches, nearest CSC Centers or insurance intermediary as authorized by IRDA.
  • All enrolments need to necessarily be completed within the cut-off date as defined in the respective State Government notification and farmer share of premium duly remitted by the Bank or Intermediary within the cut-off date to the Insurance Company.
  • In case the farmer changes the crop to be sown, he should intimate the change to concerned banks at least 2 working days prior to cut-off-date. In case the premium paid was higher, insurance company will refund the excess.
  • In case of Tenant/ share farmers obtaining coverage necessary documentary evidence of land records prevailing in the State (Records of Right (RoR) Land possession Certificate (LPC) etc.) and/ or applicable contract/agreement details/ other documents notified/ permitted by concerned State Government should be provided at the time of enrolment.
  • Service Tax is exempted for this scheme.