Voluntary Component

The Scheme is optional for the non-loanee farmers; however cultivators/farmers desirous of availing crop insurance for any notified crop in any notified insurance unit may approach nearest bank branch/ Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies (PACS)/ Common Service center (CSC)/ authorized channel partners/ insurance intermediary of insurance company, within cut-off date of enrollment. The cultivator/farmer must fill-up the proposal form completely in prescribed format, submit the proposal form along with requisite premium to bank branch/ Insurance Intermediary/ CSC Centers along with necessary documentary evidence regarding his insurable interest in cultivating land/ crop (e.g. Ownership/ tenancy/ cultivation rights) proposed for insurance.

The farmer desiring for crop insurance should have a bank account in any branch of the designated bank, and the details of bank account should be provided in the proposal form.

The farmers should mention their land identification number (Khasra Number) in the Proposal form and must provide documentary evidence with regard to possession of cultivable land. The farmers/cultivators must furnish area sown confirmation certificate.

The farmer should ensure that he/she gets insurance coverage for notified crop(s) cultivated/ proposed to be cultivated, in a piece of land from a single source only. No duplicate or double Insurance is allowed and in any such cases farmer will not be eligible for coverage. The insurance company shall reserve the right to repudiate all such claims and not refund the premium as well in such cases.

Company may also take legal action against such farmers.