Details about Compulsory and Voluntary Component of the policy

All farmers availing Seasonal Agricultural Operations (SAO) loans from Financial Institutions (i.e. loanee farmers) for the notified crop(s) would be covered compulsorily. It is mandatory for all loanee cultivators to insist on insurance coverage as per provisions of the Scheme.

  • Non-standard KCC /crop loans shall not be covered compulsorily by the concerned Banks/Govt. regulator. However, bank branches may facilitate such farmers for enrolment as non-loanee farmers.
  • Merely, sanctioning of crop loan against other collateral securities including fixed deposits, gold/jewel loans, mortgage loans etc. without having insurable interest of the farmer on the insurable land and notified crops shall not be covered under the Scheme.

Any changes in insured crop should be brought to the notice of the bank at least 2 working days prior to cut-off date for enrollment.

Insurance Proposals are accepted only upto a stipulated cut-off date as declared by the State Level Coordination Committee on Crop Insurance (SLCCCI).