Top 5 Add-on Covers For Your Two-wheeler Insurance

A two-wheeler insurance policy is an agreement between you (two-wheeler owner) and the insurance company that states that if any damage is done to your bike due to natural calamity or any man-made disaster, the money spent towards its repair will be borne by the insurance company. 

Two-wheeler insurance is available for both personal and commercial bikes; user can select the appropriate motorbike policy as per the requirements. There are two types of bike insurance in India:

  • 1) Third-party liability insurance.

  • 2) Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance


Why should you have two-wheeler insurance?

Riding a two-wheeler without an insurance policy is illegal in India. Having an insurance policy will not only provide coverage to the rider but also to the pillion. It will also help cover against the damages that may arise due to an accident. Therefore, it is essential to have two-wheeler insurance as it can protect you from a lot of hassles and offer the following benefits:

Reduce financial strain –

If your vehicle is damaged or gets stolen, you will not have to worry about spending money on repairing or replacing it, as your insurance company will take care of it. 

You will be secured legally –

Keep a copy of your insurance policy at all times. This will help you in case you meet with any minor accident. Also, it is mandatory to keep a copy of your active insurance, every time you take the vehicle out on road. 

You will be eligible for personal accident cover –

The insurance company will provide a lump sum in case an accident leads to permanent disability. Should the accident lead to an unfortunate, untimely demise, your nominee will get the compensation. 


What is an add-on cover in two-wheeler insurance policy?

Most people buy comprehensive policies for their two-wheeler, as it is safer and provides better coverage against risk. But even when you purchase a comprehensive policy, there are a few add-ons you can consider. Some of the best add-on covers you can consider buying for the two-wheeler insurance policy are:

Zero Depreciation Cover –

If you include the zero-depreciation clause in your policy, the insurance company will pay the complete amount for the repair and replacement of the parts. But if you haven’t included the zero depreciation cover, insurance company will pay only the depreciated amount of parts and insured have to bear the remaining cost.

Personal Accident Cover - 

The personal accident cover is another important add-on cover that provides coverage for the policyholder in case of any accident leading to disability or death. It is highly recommended to opt for this cover as it provides financial support to the policyholder and their family in case of an unfortunate event. 

Passenger Cover – 

This cover provides coverage to the pillion rider in case of an accident. While most two-wheeler insurance policies provide coverage for the owner, this cover extends the protection to the pillion rider as well.

Helmet Cover - 

This cover provide financial protection against the cost of replacement of your damaged or destroyed helmet or its child parts in case of an accident.

Accessories Cover - 

Your comprehensive bike insurance policy does not cover all the accessories. You can take additional cover to insure your electrical or non-electrical accessories for any damage occurring due to an accident, calamity, etc.

So, these are the critical add-ons that you should consider along with your two-wheeler policy to ride your dear bike without any stress. 

In conclusion, add-on covers are a great way to enhance the coverage of your two-wheeler insurance policy and provide comprehensive protection against unforeseen events. It's always advisable to assess your needs and choose the right covers that suit your budget and requirements. With the right combination of add-on covers and a standard bike insurance policy, you can ride your bike with peace of mind and confidence.


Disclaimer-**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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