Benefits of Buying Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Comprehensive cover insurance policy is an all-inclusive two-wheeler plan that not only protects your own vehicle from damage and loss but also covers two-wheeler insurance third party liability. This type of insurance is also known as ‘package’ insurance. However, in India, comprehensive bike insurance check is optional while third party liability cover is mandated by the government, even for bike insurance renewal. Buying two-wheeler insurance online with comprehensive cover gives complete protection to your favorite bike or scooter.

In this age of growing rate of accidents in India, no one feels safe without an extensive insurance plan for their ride. The comprehensive plan also facilitates the safety of your vehicle from the damage caused by intentional manmade activities and unexpected natural disasters. No vehicle owner wants to take the risk of not insuring their vehicle. Moreover, a comprehensive bike plan pays out the value assured for the policy in case of complete loss of the two-wheeler and compensates the expenses of your vehicle repair while some insurance companies provide cash-free assistance at their network garage. You can avail all these benefits and perks with a good comprehensive bike insurance policy, which come into play at the time of online bike insurance renewal as well.

Why are Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans Beneficial?

Nothing could equal the convenience of an all-encompassing, complete package of insurance plan. You can keep aside your worries regarding the protection of your two-wheeler, safety of the rider as well as the liability towards the loss or damage of third party and third party property with a single comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. Here are some of the perks offered by Comprehensive two-wheeler policies in India:

  • It protects your vehicle from the loss and damage caused by manmade activities like theft, burglary, riots, etc.

  • It also covers the loss or harm of the vehicle caused due to natural calamities like flood, earthquake, tsunami, thunderstorm, hurricane, etc.

  • Protection to Your Own Vehicle – A comprehensive cover plan bears the expenses related to the damage repair of the insured two-wheeler, if the damage incurred upon the vehicle is repairable. In case of complete loss of the bike or if the damage of the two-wheeler vehicle is irremediable then the policy holder can claim the Insured’s Declared Value of the two-wheeler.

  • Cover against the Damage of the Two-Wheeler – Comprehensive cover not only protects your own vehicle from the damage caused during an accident but also from the loss or damage of the vehicle caused by other manmade and natural activities.

  • Covers Personal Injuries – this type of all-encompassing insurance plans for two-wheelers also provide coverage to personal injuries or injury of the rider of the two-wheeler. The rider may not be the policy proposer. If the rider is carrying a valid driver’s license, the comprehensive plan pays out the expenses for the medical assistance of the bike rider during an accident.

  • Coverage to Death or Disability of the Rider - this is the benefit of a comprehensive two-wheeler policy that its inclusions are wide ranging. It not only provides cover to the medical expenses during an accident of the rider of the bike but also gives financial assistance at times of partial or complete physical disability of the rider and also death benefit in case of demise of the rider of the two-wheeler.

  • Two-Wheeler Insurance Third Party Cover – apart from all above mentioned benefits, comprehensive two-wheeler policy also encompasses your legal liabilities towards the third party during an accident. It covers both the property damage, loss of vehicle, damage of vehicle parts liabilities of the third party and physical injuries or death of the third party caused by the insured vehicle during an accident.

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