Everything You Need to Know About Two-Wheeler Insurance Documentation

Online insurance has made the purchase and renewal of two-wheeler insurance quick and easy. Today, you must select a policy of your choice, pay for it online, and you get the policy documents on your email, instantly. 

But while the internet had made insurance purchase and renewal easy, you should understand the documentation process in detail for hassle-free purchase and renewal. Moreover, even after the purchase, there are several essential things that you must check in the two-wheeler insurance paper to avoid any discrepancies in the future. 

What Documents Do You Need to Purchase Two-Wheeler Insurance Online? 

One of the best things about online bike insurance purchase is that there is minimal documentation involved. Unlike offline purchases, you are not required to submit or upload any documents or photocopies while purchasing insurance online. Most insurers only require the proposer to provide basic personal details and details of the two-wheeler that needs to be insured.

But, note that you must enter the details of your bike like engine number, chassis number, registration number, vehicle manufacturing date, etc. at the time of purchase. So, make sure that you have access to relevant documents such as the RC book of your two-wheeler so that there are no difficulties in providing the required details. 

What Documents are Required for Online Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal?

The online two-wheeler insurance renewal is simple and requires minimal paperwork. Just make sure that you have the bike insurance documents of your current or expired policy with you. You will be required to enter details such as-

  • Personal information.
  • Driving license information.
  • Registration number and registration certificate (RC) number of the vehicle.
  • Details of the current/expired insurance.

You also have the option to switch to another insurer at the time of renewal. This can be done online too. However, this will mostly require you to upload a few documents online.

Documents required for bike insurance renewal if you want to switch to a different insurer are as follows-

  • ID proof.
  • Address proof.
  • Passport-sized photograph

You will also be required to provide other details like your contact details, old insurance policy number, registration number, RC number, and driving license information. Submit the required documents and provide the details before paying the premium online to switch to another insurer successfully.

Important Details To Check After Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance

Your job is not done once you have paid the premium and received the policy documents. You must read the policy document carefully to ensure that your two-wheeler insurance delivers its purpose. Some of the crucial things you must check are-

  • Vehicle Details

Make sure that the vehicle details mentioned in the two-wheeler insurance documents are accurate. Cross-check all the details with your bike’s invoice and RC book. Your claims can be rejected in the future if the details in the insurance documents do not match with the actualdetails. 

  • Personal Details

Any error in personal details can also result in a lot of problems. So, ensure that personal information like your name, age, address, etc. are accurate and without any spelling errors. 

  • Policy Number and Validity

In the future, all your communication with the insurance provider will be done through your policy number. Insurers store your insurance details against your policy number. Similarly, you should also check the insurance validity so that you can make a note of when you need to renew the policy. 

  • Coverage and Add-ons

The policy documents will also have details about the policy coverage. Check all the inclusions and exclusions carefully to ensure that everything is in order. If you have purchased add-ons, you must check its details. 

  • NCB

You are entitled to receive NCB or No Claim Bonus at the time of renewing the policy if you did not file any claim last year. The NCB component should also be mentioned in the insurance documents.

Also, note that carrying a two-wheeler insurance copy is mandatory. If you do not have a hard copy, make sure that you at least have a digital copy of your insurance policy stored in your DigiLocker account. DigiLocker is a free service provided by the government to help people save digital copies of their documents. 

What Can You Do If You Lose Your Bike Insurance Policy Documents?

If you lose your policy documents, you must apply for a duplicate copy of the documents to your insurance provider. You will be required to sign an indemnity bond, and some insurers also require policyholders to publish a newspaper ad for the same. Once your application is verified, your insurer will issue a duplicate insurance policy.

Two-Wheeler Insurance and Documentation

Purchasing or renewing two-wheeler insurance online is simple and hassle-free as there is minimum documentation involved. Follow these steps to make the purchase and do check your insurance documents carefully to avoid any conflicts in the future. 

Also, store your policy documents carefully and always carry a copy of the same. Renew the policy before the current one expires so that you remain protected always. 

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