Does Commercial Vehicle Cover Windshield Glass Damage?

 In a normal insurance cover, the insured would lose the accumulated No Claim Bonus on claiming for such repair/replacement. However, with an add-on, the insured can protect the insured’s no claim bonus in spite of claiming for repair/replacement of windscreen glass.

If the windscreen glass (front and/or rear) of the insured’s vehicle accidentally breaks and needs to be repaired/replaced, the insurer will repair/replace the same without the insured’s no claim bonus getting affected. This type of accidental damage will not be treated as an own damage claim and will not affect the insured’s no claim bonus next year.

What does a Windscreen Add-on Cover?

This cover is applicable only when the windshield glass is broken and there are no damages to the vehicle.

The vehicle is repaired in a garage/workstation of insurer’s choice within the city of the insured’s residence based on the residential address provided for this insurance. If the windshield glass is repaired/replaced at any other garage/workstation, the incident will be treated as a separate claim and the no claim bonus will be affected.

The cover will apply for only the first claim for the replacement of windshield glass, during the year. Subsequent claims for Windshield glass damage will not qualify for the continuation of no claims bonus.

What is not covered under the Windscreen Add-on Cover?

  • The amount of total deductible mentioned in the policy schedule.

  • The damages caused by an uninsured peril.

  • Manufacturing defects in the Windscreen cover.

  • Depreciation on parts, if the depreciation waiver clause is not selected.

  • The add-on covers to opt at the inception of the commercial vehicle package policy. The insurer doesn’t allow mid-term inclusion and/or removal of the cover.

  • All deductibles will be as per the base Package Policy.

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