Why to Protect Your Car With Suitable Motor Insurance Cover

 Although it is legally mandated requirement to have the third-party motor insurance, most people purchasing motor vehicle insurance generally buy the cheapest and basic covers available. So, when the inevitable mishap takes place, vehicle owners get a raw end of the deal with a minimum payout or negligible compensation on the cost of repairs. Why is it important to have a comprehensive car insurance policy for your motor vehicle? We’ll give you a few good reasons.

Complete Coverage

A comprehensive car insurance policy won't just cover losses occurring from a physical collision or an accident. Sometimes, damage to your motor vehicle can occur even when your motor vehicle is in a stationary position. For instance, car insurance will cover damages due to storm or bad weather. So, if your windshield breaks in a thunderstorm, you are eligible to make a claim.

Accidental Insurance

A car insurance payout is not just limited to protecting your car. Any sort of bodily injury occurring at the time of a collision can be claimed under your car insurance policy. Bodily injury liability or personal cover will help you pay for medical expenses of the person you hit with your car.

Property Damage Liability

Obviously, you can claim a payout if you have insurance, but what about the property that is damaged in an accident? With the right motor insurance cover, you can claim a payout to compensate for the damage of the property of the other victim.

Medical Insurance

By paying some extra premium a car insurance policy can cover not just the medical expenses of the driver, but also other passengers present in the car at the time of the accident.

Now that you have your enough good reasons to buy motor insurance, you need to understand whether you need comprehensive car insurance or third-party car insurance.

Distinguishing features

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Third-party car insurance


As the name suggests, comprehensive car insurance covers expenses for damage caused due to quite a number of situations including natural or man- made calamities. It covers third-party liability as well.

As the name suggests, this insurance is offered to third parties in case of any bodily injury due to an accident.


Fire, explosion, lightning, flooding, hurricane, storm, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, fire caused due to lightning and shock damage due to an earthquake.

A third-party insurance policy includes payouts in case of death or injury to third parties

Now that you know what best suits your car, make sure you don't get a raw end of the deal and acquire the best possible protection for your car.
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