How to renew an expired car insurance policy?

Renewing an expired car insurance policy is crucial to ensuring uninterrupted coverage for your vehicle. When your policy lapses, it is essential to take prompt action.

The process of renewing car insurance policies offers flexibility, as it can be accomplished through both online and offline methods. You have the option to visit our office and make the payment in person, or you can choose the convenience of online renewal by paying the premium through our website.

Offline Methods -

You can contact any of our branch and provide the necessary information, and discuss any adjustments to your coverage. After calculating the premium and completing the payment, you'll receive renewed car insurance policy documents, ensuring your vehicle remains protected on the road.

Online Methods –

Renewing your expired car insurance policy is easy; you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the car insurance section on our website.
  2. Enter the vehicle registration number and policy number in the form below.
  3. Check your car insurance coverage and make the payment.

We may require an inspection of your vehicle. Do not worry; our team will assist you out with inspection process.

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Renew Car Insurance Policy

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