Factors to Consider While Buying Car Insurance in India

We Indians are very much obsessed with our cars. It won’t be erroneous to state that for some it is as precious as their life, a prized possession. However, the enthusiasm for most ends after buying a vehicle. They spend a lot of time on decking up the car from inside, adding accessories to it, etc. The thought of theft or damage hardly crosses their mind. Resultantly, they end up drying their savings considerably due to their indifference towards having the right car insurance policy.

Buy it Online

Unlike in the past, we are living in a digital era. The digital revolution has made life very convenient for everyone. These days, you don’t need a mediator or intermediary for buying insurance. Online platforms offer all vital information about matters pertaining to car insurance. So, it is easier to compare and select the best car insurance policy online, instead of relying on insurance agents. Despite such excellent facilities, people hardly utilize online platforms when it comes to buying car insurance. This reluctance has resulted in people buying motor insurance policies that are less than ideal for their coverage needs. It is time to break the shackles of unwillingness and adopt the path hitherto ignored.

Select the Insurance with Prudence

You always desire the best for your car, then why do you compromise on car insurance? It is pertinent that you get all the features that gel with your requirements. Also, ensure the insurance company is a reputed one. For instance, IFFCO-TOKIO and is accredited by IRDAI, and offers a strategic array of insurance products to its customers. At the same time, don’t ignore the claim settlement numbers–the higher the better. A renowned insurance company possesses the skill and expertise needed to address your requirements and subsequently suggest a suitable car insurance policy with lesser constraints.

Personal Items Do Not Get the Cover, Mostly

You should remember that most car insurance policies do not offer protection to personal items inside the vehicle at the time of the theft. So, be careful while carrying your fancy gadgets such as GPS devices, laptops or Cameras, etc. Some people believe that they will be compensated for the loss of the products inside the car in case of theft. So, for their sake, it has to be mentioned specifically that most policies do not include such items in their scope of coverage but they are covered under certain homeowner policies.

Ignorance of Law can Never be an Excuse

It is mandatory for vehicles operating on Indian roads to have valid insurance papers, at least third-party liability-only policy. Now, how many of you were aware of this? Not many, we suppose. However, lack of knowledge of the same will not spare you the legal wrangles. If you happen to get caught by traffic cops without insurance papers, you are bound to face serious legal repercussions, including but not limited to hefty fines.

No Cost-Cutting

Do not indulge in too much of cost-cutting while selecting an insurance policy. When it comes toa car insurance policy, you should consider two things: level of risk and the assets to be protected. So, while choosing the insurance, ensure that it provides full cover for your valuables. It is necessary to get the right balance between the two while exploring your options.


Your car insurance shields your hard-earned savings during a crisis. Though no insurance company claims to protect your vehicle, it ensures the coverage of repair costs in the event of any unforeseen damage. So, be more proactive in the matters of car insurance, and choose wisely.

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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