Add on Covers With Your Car Insurance Policy

If you opt for a basic car insurance policy, it may not offer the coverage you are seeking. Hence, you will not get the required financial protection. That is why IFFCO-Tokio offers you a number of add-on covers that you can make a part of your main policy at the time of renewal as well as when you buy car insurance in India.

Some of the ways to customize your motor insurance to suit your needs include the following:

1. Zero Depreciation Cover: As a car depreciates, it has an effect on the claim settlement. The depreciation value is deducted at the time of settling the claim. When you opt for Zero Depreciation Cover, the entire claim amount will be paid out to you.

2. No Claim Bonus Protection: If there are no claims the previous year against your car insurance, you will receive No Claim Bonus. However, if you make a claim, you lose the bonus. Hence, you can choose a rider that keeps your No Claim Bonus safe even if you make a claim.

3. Engine Protection: If your vehicle develops engine problems, you will have to incur the repair expenses out of your own pocket, as this repair is not covered by the insurance. However, if you buy Engine Protection, the policy covers the repairs without you having to spend anything.

4. Return to Invoice: This add-on helps you get the original invoice price of the vehicle, including road tax and registration charges, should your vehicle be deemed a total loss. This can help those individuals who live in places where instances of car thefts are high.

5. Roadside Assistance: If your car develops a mechanical fault, engine problem or has a flat tire, you will be stranded. Roadside Assistance offers you numerous valuable services, like towing, key replacement and refueling, should your car breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

6. Garage Cash Cover: In case your car is at the garage for repairs, you will have to hire another vehicle to move around. Under such circumstances, the Garage Cash Cover pays for hiring another vehicle.

7. Key Replacement Cover: If your car gets burgled or you lose or misplace the car key, you can use this rider to pay for the cost of replacing your car lock.

8. Windshield Glass Cover: Replacing a broken or cracked windshield can be cost-prohibitive. However, with Windshield Glass Cover, you can get it replaced with ease. This cover ensures you are No Claim Bonus is not affected when you use the insurance to pay for the replacement of the windshield.

9. Loss of Personal Belongings: This add-on offers coverage in case of loss or theft of any personal belongings from the vehicle, as long as you have taken precautions to lock and secure your car.

10. Consumable Cover: If you meet with an accident, you will need to spend money on nuts, bolts, and engine oil. This cover can compensate you for the amount you spend on replacing consumable parts and components.

11. Ambulance and Medical Expense Add-On: If you or another party gets injured in an accident, this rider can take care of the expenses involved in getting the ambulance and subsequent medical treatment.

12. Personal Accident Cover: If you get disabled or die in a car accident, Personal Accident Cover can protect your family’s financial future. Your family will receive a lump sum amount in either case.

13. Accident Cover for Car Passengers: If a passenger in your car sustains debilitating injuries or dies, they will receive a lump-sum compensation amount.

Be proactive in reading car insurance reviews that specifically focus on the effects of these add-on covers.

* Information provided is only for knowledge. Some of the features may not be available for online product.*
**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc read the Policy Wording's carefully.**  

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