Here's Why Every Homeowner Should Have Home Insurance

Owning a home is a cherished dream for all us. Buying or building a house will be among the most important decisions we will make and one of the biggest possession we will have. While most of you will be content with owning a home, have you ever thought about its protection against natural and man- caused factors that you can’t even begin to think. Getting ahome insurance cover for your home might be the last thing on your mind but you cannot deny the fact that it is important to have home insurance in case things go wrong.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

A homeowners insurance is a kind of property insurance that cover your home or rented apartment in case of any disaster – natural or otherwise.

Coverage under Homeowners Insurance

If as a homeowner you are uncertain about the need of insuring your home, following are a couple of reasons why you should purchase homeowners insurance:-

  • Protection against Natural Disasters -Buying a homeowner insurance policy will ensure that your house is protected from all sort of natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, cyclones, floods, landslides, etc. Everyone of us are living in area that are prone to one or more of such natural calamities.
  • Protection against Man-Made Risks -Homeowners insurance will provide protection from man made threats like thefts, robberies, terrorism, riots, etc. You may feel the safest at your home, but undesirable situations occur, which may cause irreversible damage to your roof.
  • Coverage for all Household Items -While most home insurance companies usually cover only two things- the structure of the house, and the contents within. Whereas Iffco Tokio House Insurance provide coverage for structure of house, content of house as well coverage for other household items that have artistic or sentimental value, such as inherited jewelry, antiques or artwork.
  • Protection For Renters or Tenants with Renters Insurance -Home insurance is not only for homeowners, but also very useful even for renters or tenants. For instance, you might be living in a rented property, but want to protect the contents inside the house , like your furniture and electronic items from burglary theft or damage, you should opt for homeowners insurance for in-home contents only.
  • Provides Third Party Cover -This may come as a surprise, but homeowners insurance also provide financial protection for third party losses. To protect yourself from legal expenses and compensation that may arise due to damage or bodily injuries to third parties, a homeowners insurance policy is vital.
  • Helps in Case of Temporary Re-Location -Natural disasters can force you to temporarily relocate to an alternate place to live while your home is being reconstructed. In such cases, homeowners insurance will help you by covering the additional rent, up to a specified amount, which can get you a comfortable place to live while your home is repaired/re-built.


Homeowner insurance will ensure that you won’t be put under financial distress in case of an unfortunate event. We recommend opting for homeowners insurance if you are a property owner and want to protect your personal property for its structure and the content or you are living in a rented house and want to protect the content like furniture, electronics and other valuable items.


**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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