Premium Calculator for the Best Cashless Mediclaim Policy

To ease the process of calculating the premium even for the cheapest Mediclaim policy desired, we have introduced a comprehensive online cashless Mediclaim policy premium calculator for you. To use this health insurance calculator, all you have to do is fill out some basic details such as: 

  • Personal details like name, age, occupation, etc.
  • Insurance Coverage required.
  • Any Existing Medical Conditions.
  • Any optional Riders. (for critical illness)

Once you enter all these details into the health insurance calculator, you will be able to see the premium amount you must pay for the desired coverage. If you find it satisfactory, you can proceed ahead to the payment page and get yourself insured against any medical emergencies, there and then.

Here is the link to the Cashless Mediclaim policy for an individual’s premium calculator page: -

In case you are unable to access the online cashless Mediclaim policy premium calculator for any reason, you can contact our customer care at 1-800-103-5499. Our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with the whole process and answer any queries that you may have.

What are the benefits of using a health insurance calculator?

Wondering why you should use an insurance premium calculator? Well, for starters, it provides you with an accurate premium quotation for your medical insurance policy. This is reason enough to use to go online and use this tool before buying a mediclaim policy. Besides this, using a health insurance calculator will also offer you with the following benefits.

  1. Saves your time: Medical insurance premium calculators save you a lot of time. Without these convenient online tools, you would have to visit the branch to get a premium quotation. This would take at least a couple of hours of your time, especially with peak hour traffic. However, with a health insurance calculator, you can skip all of this and get a premium quotation in a matter of minutes!

  2. Customize the plan as per your needs: Health insurance calculators allow you to customize several aspects of your policy. You can select the add-ons you want, change the sum insured of your policy, choose the voluntary deductible and so on. This allows you to tailor the coverage of your plan to match your exact needs and budgetary requirements.

  3. You can buy the plan online with ease: Health insurance calculators offer more than just premium quotations! They also provide you the option to buy plan as well. Once you are tailored the plan as per your requirements, just click on the ‘continue’ option, fill in your details and make the payment. The coverage of your policy would begin immediately and your policy documents will be emailed to you instantly.

What are the factors that influence health insurance premiums?

With a health insurance calculator, you can get a premium quotation in a matter of seconds. But have you ever stopped to wonder how the premium of your plan is actually calculated? Well, the cost of your health insurance policy is determined based on several factors. Some of these factors include:

Sum insured:

This is quite obvious, the higher the sum insured of your plan, the more premium you will have to pay.


The risk of illness increases with age. Keeping this in mind, insurance companies will charge a higher premium as you grow older. This is one of the main reasons why insurance premium calculators ask for your date of birth.

Lifestyle habits:

Consuming alcohol or nicotine products increases risk of medical complications. Therefore, health insurance premiums are generally higher for tobacco/alcohol users.


Each add-on has its own individual price tag. Therefore, the more add-ons you choose, the higher the premium of your policy. You can use the insurance premium calculator to check how the various add-ons influence the premium of your policy.

Co-pay of the plan:

Co-pay is a percentage of the compensation amount you agree to pay in case of a claim. If you opt for a higher co-pay, the premium of your health insurance policy should be on the lower side.

How to reduce the premium of your health insurance policy:

Did the medical insurance premium calculator provide a quotation that’s beyond your budget? Not to worry! There are several steps you can take to reduce the cost of your health insurance. Most of them will not even affect the coverage of your policy.

Opt for long-term health insurance: Long-term plans generally offer discounted premiums. Moreover, they protect you from any future price hikes and premium revisions.

Opt for top-ups: Medical insurance premium calculators will provide quotations based on the sum insured you choose. The higher the sum insured, the higher your premium. To avoid this, you can opt for a lower sum insured and opt for top-ups to increase the amount you are covered for. This should work out to be more than opting for a higher sum insured.

Choose family floater plans: You can cover your spouse, young children and yourself under one family floater plan. This should work out to be way more affordable than buying individual health insurance plans for each of your family members. Most medical insurance premium calculators should offer quotations on family plans as well.

Buy young: You may have noticed that the medical insurance premium calculator will ask you to enter your date of birth in order to provide a quotation. This is because age plays an important role in deciding the premium of your policy. Keeping this in mind, it is always advised to buy a plan young. The longer you wait, the higher your premium quotation will be!

Payment of Premium

After you have taken a decision regarding the amount of coverage, the benefits you require, and the additional riders you want, comes the next most important step, i.e. payment of premium to begin your insurance coverage.

In case you have an existing cashless Mediclaim policy in effect, then please do make sure that you make the premium payment for renewal on time. This way your policy will remain in force protecting you against the medical uncertainties. In case you delay the payment for more than 30 days, then your cashless Mediclaim Policy would be null and void, all your accumulated benefits forfeited, which can lead to serious consequences later on.

Various Acceptable Modes of Payment

We at IFFCO Tokio understand the importance of timely payment of insurance premium with regards to the continuation of your cashless Mediclaim Policy so that you stay protected against any medical emergency.

Hence to help make things convenient for you, we accept payment for your premium through a host of options. You can choose between online as well as offline payment methods to pay your policy premium.

Following are the acceptable payment methods: -

Online Options

If you want to pay your renewal premium, you can log on to the website and click on the “Pay Premium” button, which will take you to the payment page, or if you are unable to locate the “Pay Premium” button, you can click on the following link:

Once you are on the payment page, you can select from the list of available options and complete the payment process online. As soon as you complete the payment process, your policy is immediately renewed/comes into effect, and you can enjoy all the benefits of our best cashless Mediclaim policy. With our seamless payment interface, premium payment was never so easy.

Following are the accepted online modes of payment: -

Credit Card: - We accept all major credit cards from Indian as well as International Banks including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Debit Card: - We accept all major Debit Cards issued from all major Indian banks including private banks as well as public sector banks.

Internet Banking: - You can pay your premium through your Bank’s Internet Banking as well. We accept payments from all leading banks in India.

Online Wallets: - You can also pay your premium through various online wallets.

Website: - If you are buying a new policy online, you will be guided through our self-help portal to complete the payment procedure, after you complete the application form and upload the necessary documents.

Mobile Portal: - You can use our interactive mobile portal to make your premium payments online through the following modes: -

Offline Options

For those of you, who are not comfortable with the online methods of payment or do not use any such methods, do not worry. We have a host of offline options available for your convenience: -

Branch: - You can drop into any of our branches, located conveniently throughout India, and our staff will be really happy to assist you with the payment procedure. You can use the following modes of payment: -

  • Cheque.
  • Demand Draft.
  • Cash.
  • Credit/Debit Card.

Drop-Box: - We have conveniently fixed drop-boxes at strategic locations to make it easy for you to make the premium payments without travelling to the branch. You can pay by Cheque/Demand Draft,

Post: - You can also mail your cheque and demand draft to make the premium payments conveniently.

You are free to choose a payment method as per your convenience, but do remember to make your payments well in advance, to continue enjoying the benefits of your best Mediclaim policy for family members.