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Technology plays a vital role in our lives. In today’s world everyone is quite acquainted with the latest technological developments happening around us. We at IFFCO Tokio are also mindful of this fact and that is why we’ve come up with a new way of claim settlement i.e. QCS (Quick Claim Settlement). Unlike the Traditional Claims Process where the settlement of claim takes longer time, under the QCS process the claim gets settled the very moment your vehicle reaches the Workshop. The entire experience is seamless with our easy to use and extremely user friendly Mobile App. “QCS”.

Here are some of the key features of QCS:

  • 1. Under QCS, claims can be made for Private Cars or Two Wheelers.
  • 2. For claims to be made under QCS, the claim amount can be up to the limit of Rs 50,000 for Private Car Policies and Rs 7,000 for Two Wheeler Policies.
  • 3. QCS officer will ensure that your vehicle gets moved to a workshop for necessary repairs and the Customer need not to visit the workshop on their own.
  • 4. QCS claims are settled within the same day, once your vehicle approaches Workshop and the repair work begins.
  • 5. QCS claim settlement process gives our customer the freedom of getting their claim registered from within the comforts of their home/office.


Claim Procedure

The Customer will have the option of calling the Customer Care Centre (Toll Free) on 18001035499 for registering the claim or downloading the mobile application directly from our website and register the claim. Upon successful registration of the claim, our QCS officer will get in touch with the customer and help them by providing further instructions.


The fastest claim settlement process is now just a phone call long. If you are unsure whether you should go for QCS or not, call the Toll Free number to get more information.



1. What is QCS?

QCS stands for Quick Claim Settlement.

2. How can I intimate claim under QCS?

Claim can be registered by downloading the mobile application directly from above link.

3. What kind of claims come under QCS category?

Private Car & Two Wheeler claims where Policy is purchased through branch or by online medium comes under the QCS category.

4. What are the working hours for QCS claim settlement?

QCS claims process is available on all working days except Saturday, Sundays and public holidays. The working hours for QCS claim settlement is from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on all working days.

5. Is there any financial limit for assessment under the QCS claim?

QCS claims are subject to following financial limits of assessment:
Two Wheeler : Rs. 7,000/- and for Personal Car : Rs. 50,000/-

6. Do I need to take my vehicle to Workshop for claiming under QCS?

QCS claim Officer shall ensure to get your vehicle moved to a Workshop for necessary repairs and customer need not to visit the workshop on their own.

7. How much time will it take to settle my QCS claim?

QCS claims are settled within the same day, once your vehicle approaches Workshop and the repair work is started.

8. What if I am not satisfied with the QCS claim settlement amount?

Customer has complete freedom to disagree with QCS settlement amount and take the vehicle to any workshop of his/her own choice & get the vehicle inspected through standard claim process.

9. What if the workshop charges extra amount from me other than QCS claim amount?

QCS process ensures to obtain prior quotations from the workshop for the work to be undertaken on the vehicle. Workshop has to honor the quotation while undertaking repairs. In event of any extra repair work (not included in the original assessment), the same shall be re-assessed and settled by the QCS officer after verifying complete details.

10. What will be the total settlement time for the claim?

Claim under QCS process gets settled within the same day of vehicle reaching the workshop for necessary repairs and relevant job card opened.

11. Why it is better than older claim settlement procedures?

QCS claim settlement process gives the Insured freedom of getting the claim registered within the comforts of your home/office. The claim amount is paid upfront without waiting for the vehicle to get repaired and all the hassles of taking the vehicle to the workshop and needless discussions on the repair required is eliminated. All in all an hassle-free, fast & convenient claims service is ensured through QCS process.

12. How to upload bank details in QCS application?

The Mobile application of QCS is very user friendly and Insured can update the bank details within the Mobile application to get the claim amount directly transferred to his/her Bank account.

13. Can it be done using desktop/laptops?

No, currently the service can only be used through the QCS Mobile application by directly downloading the app. on Mobile phone.

14. Can it be done on smart phones using IOS? If yes how?

Yes, QCS Mobile application is available on IOS. The process remains the same as with the Android device. User just need to download the QCS mobile application and start using the same.

15. What is the process to cancel a QCS claim, what if I do not want to loose on my NCB and cancel the claim?

In case Insured doesn’t want to pursue the claim and wish to withdraw, he/she can inform the QCS officer about the same and the claim shall be treated as withdrawn. In such cases Insured will not lose the NCB on renewal.

16. My vehicle is currently lying at a work-shop, can I move it to my home to make may case eligible for QCS?

The vehicle is required to be out of workshop to report a QCS claim. In case Insured wishes to opt for a workshop of his/her own choice, the same can be arranged by QCS team provided the chosen workshop agrees to the terms shared by QCS claim team.


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