What is the difference between the commercial vehicle insurance calculator and the commercial vehicle loan EMI calculator?

The commercial vehicle insurance calculator is used to gather an idea of the premium for a comprehensive CV policy. On the other hand, the commercial vehicle loan EMI calculator computes the potential EMI of a commercial vehicle loan. 

According to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is legally necessary to have a commercial vehicle insurance policy that covers third-party liabilities if you want to drive the vehicle on Indian roads. As a business owner or enterprise, you would know how important it is to secure your finances against unexpected scenarios. 

Commercial vehicles tend to travel long distances, often going to isolated and far-reaching regions for business purposes. This increases their risk of incurring damages as well as being the target of highway bandits and thieves. To ensure that your vehicle gets good quality treatment at the earliest without burdening you financially, comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance plans are important.