What are the benefits available under the policy?

This policy has 12 Sections that provide comprehensive protection for your office assets, interests, liability as well as for your self, your directors, partners, and employees. The sections are:

Fire and Allied Perils (Section 1): In this Section, your buildings, stocks, furniture, fixtures, fittings, interior decorations, and other contents are covered against fire, explosion, bursting/overflowing of water tanks, riots, strikes, malicious damage, earthquake, flood, cyclone, landslide, etc.

Burglary and other Perils (Section 2): This section covers the same properties as in Section 1 against housebreaking, burglary, robbery or dacoity along with impact damage by falling trees/electric poles/ lamp post, breakage or collapse of television or radio aerials/ satellite dishes and damage by civic authorities in prevention of fire.

Money and Fidelity Guarantee (Section 3 A/B): This section covers loss of money in premises or in transit due to accident or misfortune, hold up, housebreaking, robbery, dacoity, etc. At no extra cost, we also cover loss or damage to the safe, strong room, steel almirahs as well as cash, bag, etc. used for the carriage of money. This Section also covers direct pecuniary losses caused to you by any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by your employees.

Fixed Glass and Sanitary Fittings (Section 4): This section covers accidental breakage of fixed glass and sanitary fittings in your premises including the cost of frames, lettering/ printing/embossing, etc. and also accidental damage to goods incidental to your business caused by such breakage.

Electronic Equipment/Reinstatement of Data and Software (Section 5A/B): This Section covers loss or damage to electronic equipment like computers, fax machines including accessories, medical equipments, etc. as well as the data-carrying material which is installed in your premises. This section also covers the cost of reinstating such electronic data on data carrying material and software up to the limits specified by you.

Television/Video Equipments and Portable Computer/Mobile phone (Section 6A/B): This section covers loss or damage to your television/video equipment installed on your premises and to your portable computer, mobile phone and electronic diary anywhere in the world.

All Risks (Section 6 C): This Section covers loss or damage to your television/video equipment installed on your premises and to your portable computer, mobile phone and electronic diary anywhere in the world.

Breakdown of Electrical/Mechanical Appliances (Section 7): This section covers the sudden and unforeseen electrical or mechanical breakdown of electrical or mechanical appliances up to 7 years of age contained in your premises.

Personal Accident (Section 8): This Section covers you and other named persons connected with your business against accidental bodily injury leading to disablement (either permanent or temporary) or death, along with free additional benefits such as damage to clothing, dead body carriage cost, ambulance charges, loss of employment benefit, education fund for children and rehabilitation cost for insured person to adjust to injuries as well as modification cost of house or vehicle following such injuries.

Business interruption and Increased Cost of Working (Section 9): This Section covers you for loss of your gross income including increased cost of working due to damage to insured property caused by perils covered under Section 1 which results in an interruption to your profession or business.

Baggage (Section 10): This Section covers loss or damaged by accident or misfortune to baggage belonging to you or your employees being carried on a journey anywhere in the world in connection with your business.

Liability (Section 11 A/B/C): This Section covers you against liability to general public for accidental death, bodily injury or property damage including liability as a result of accusation of shoplifting, theft, dishonesty resulting into their wrongful detention or false imprisonment, as well as liability to your employees for any injury or death arising out of and in course of employment with you under the Workmen's Compensation Act etc. This Section also covers your legal liability as a tenant under Tenancy Agreement to your Landlord for damage to building, electrical installations and other fittings of your premises due to perils covered under Section 1 and 2 of this Policy.

Professional Indemnity (Section 12): This Section covers your legal liability as a professional (including claimant's cost, fees, and expenses) due to accidental bodily injury death to any person and damage to property belonging to any person or financial loss to any person.