Good Practices to follow when you buy two wheeler insurance

Having a two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory by law for everyone who owns a two-wheeler in India. While buying a two-wheeler is an aspiration that a lot many individuals are able to fulfill, when it comes to two-wheeler insurance, many tend to skip on it. This happens because they overlook the extent of coverage that a two-wheeler policy provides against mishaps like accidents, thefts, third party liability, and a lot more.

Respect the law

One of the principal reasons to purchase two wheeler insurance in the present date is that it is mandatory to have as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Be it from a local agent or an online policy, you must have your two-wheeler insurance in force at all times.

Renew it timely

After you've purchased a two-wheeler insurance policy, you need to ensure that it is renewed on time each year. If you find it hard to remember the policy premium due date, it is ideal to set reminders and calendar events for the same, and even set up auto-pay from your account. Allowing the policy to lapse can have serious repercussions if you get caught or are involved in an accident; steer clear of such scenarios by ensuring timely renewal of your two-wheeler insurance policy.

To save on the policy premium, know what NCB is

NCB represents No Claim Bonus. It is a steady reward which a large portion of the insurers gives at the time of renewing your two-wheeler insurance. You get this benefit when you have had an accident-free year in your previous policy term.

Know that two-wheeler insurance is for your own safety

Besides the many advantages it offers, the primary reason of having a two-wheeler insurance policy is to keep yourself and your two-wheeler well-protected against own damage and third-party liabilities.

There might be a lot to ponder upon for those who still haven’t purchased two-wheeler insurance to keep themselves covered while traveling on the road. Our advice to them – Please don’t wait for a mishap to happen to realize the importance of having two wheeler insurance; be proactive about having the right policy as per your two-wheeler and your insurance needs.

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