What are the exclusions of a commercial van insurance policy?


A commercial van insurance plan usually has the following situations excluded: 

i. Driving under the influence 

Any claim raised for a situation that occurs when the driver is running the van under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances will not be considered. 

ii. Outside of the geographical area 

If the damage has occurred in a geographical location outside of the area covered by the insurer, then a claim raised for the same will not be considered. 

iii. Mechanical and electrical breakdowns 

The commercial van insurance policy does not provide coverage for accidents caused due to a mechanical or an electrical breakdown of the van. 

iv. Unlawful/unethical use of the vehicle 

If the commercial van has been used for an unlawful or unethical reason and incurs damage, the claim raised will not be considered by the insurance company and will be rightfully denied. 

v. War and related activities 

Any damage caused to your commercial van as a result of war, military activity, or nuclear or radioactive elements will not be covered by a commercial van insurance plan.