What are the exclusions of a comprehensive auto rickshaw insurance policy?


Though providing an extensive form of coverage, a comprehensive auto rickshaw insurance policy also has a few exclusions, such as -


1)     Accidents caused due to driving while being intoxicated

If you are driving your auto rickshaw under the influence of alcohol or any other such intoxicants, the claims raised for accidents caused in such scenarios are liable to be rejected.


2)     Accidents that occur outside the insured geographical area

If you raise a claim to repair the damages that are incurred due to an accident that took place outside the insured geographical location, the claim for the same will be rejected by your insurer.


3)     Regular wear and tear of the vehicle

The damages caused to your vehicle due to its regular usage are not covered by the insurer. Any claims that are raised for the same are liable to be rejected by your insurance provider.


4)     Damages caused due to war and related activities

If your vehicle is damaged due to war, radioactive materials, military activities, or nuclear reactions, claims raised to repair the damages are liable to be rejected.