What age group is required?

Milch cows

2 years (or age at 1st Calving) to 10 years.

Milch Buffaloes

3 years (or age at 1st Calving) to 12 years.

Stud Bulls

2 years(or earlier, i.e. age at sexual maturity) to 8 years

Bullocks(Castrated bulls/ Male Buffaloes)

2 years to 12 years

Indigenous/ 1st exotic cross breed female calves/ heifers

4 months to the date of 1st calving or minimum age limit for adult female animals as above.

Animals of ages in years shown below shall be accepted under the Standard Insurances Policy subject to health certificate from a Veterinary Surgeon.

How is valuation and sum insured decided?

Verified Veterinarian’s guidance is to be deemed proper for fair acceptance of claim’s settlement or insurance proposal. Animal’s breed, area and location vary the Market Value and the total amount insured shall not exceed 100% of the Market Value.


Death Only : This case covers sum insured or market value prior to illness, whichever is less.

Policy Cancellation Details

We may cancel this Policy by sending 15 days’ notice in writing by Regd. A.D. to You at Your last known address. You will then be entitled to a pro rata refund of premium for the unexpired period of this Policy from the date of cancellation, which We are liable to repay on demand. You may cancel this Policy by sending a written Notice to Us. We will then arrange a refund after retaining the premium based on the following Short Period scale.

Cancellation Period


Within One Week of inception of cover

25% of premium

Beyond One Week of inception of cover but within 15 days of inception of cover.

12.5% of Premium

Beyond 15 days of inception of cover