What are the points to be kept in mind while buying the policy?

  • The insurance cover offered under Section 1(B) & (C) i.e. Fire and Burglary is provided only on a First Loss Basis, with the insured amount representing 50% limit of the total value at risk. Underinsurance would be applicable in case the value at risk exceeds twice the sum insured.
  • Claim settlement for Sections 1 will be strictly on Market Value basis of the goods or items.
  • Under the Personal Accident Section, only the persons between the age of 18 to 70 years can claim for insurance coverage.
  • Changes pertaining to addition and/or deletion of members in the policy are not permissible during the course of a year. However, marriage during the prevalence of the policy is the only exception.
  • The insurance policy can be sold on an individual or group basis.
  • One household cannot hold multiple Janata Suraksha Bima Policies.
  • Claim settlement shall only be fulfilled on Market Value of the Insured Property at the time of damage.