IFFCO Tokio Home Insurance Plans

 IFFCO Tokio has rolled out two major plans in home insurance. It is not only affordable but also some of the best home insurance plans available in the market these days. Let’s have a look at the home insurance plans from IFFCO Tokio.

Home Suvidha

The Home Suvidha policy from IFFCO Tokio can cover your house and protect your family from the perils of financial issues for starters. Then, it also offers coverage for your home from any kind of damage which might have been incurred due to natural or man-made causes. It is a simple policy that has a sum insured in place and helps you with different options so that you get nothing but the best.

Depending on the requirement you have for your house, pick out the sum insured and pay premiums regularly to get the benefits of the IFFCO Tokio home insurance.

The home insurance policy protects you finically in the event of any property damage caused by an “Act of God”. This could include cyclones, floods, earthquakes, etc.

The home insurance policy protects your house from interior damage as well as in case of theft.

Home Suvidha helps you ensure the safety of your house and your things together in a combo plan. The plan offers coverage against different scenarios, such as the following:

Natural calamities: Natural calamities can strike at any time and anywhere. With global warming on the rise and human activities taking a toll on the earth’s physiological processes, earthquakes, floods, fires, explosions, and so on are unavoidable at times. It can get nasty and if your home is not protected against all odds, it can lead to a number of issues financially as well as practically. Getting some house insurance quotes and choosing the right plan is one of the best decisions that you can make in your entire life. It won’t stop the disasters from happening but will offer you a safety net financially.

It protects you against man-made issues: Have you ever thought what your contingency plan would be like if there is a war that breaks out or something like a theft or robbery happens at your home? It is not only your hard-earned money that is getting stolen, but it also puts your home at great risk or damage, which only makes it exposed to more issues. It could happen that thieves cause unrecoverable damage to your place in an attempt to rob you. It can lead to a great financial burden that can lead to other issues that can be traumatizing for you. So, what do you do to stay free of all such hassles? You get that home insurance done and sanctioned on time.

Comprehensive coverage: The plan’s coverage includes your parking lot, your garden, your terrace, the foundation, a swimming pool, and everything that you built from scratch. The right home insurance plan can keep every inch of your property protected so that you do not have to suffer in case anything bad happens to your home. With additional coverage extension, you can enjoy benefits like no other under the IFFCO Tokio Home Suvidha Plan.

The house insurance by IFFCO Tokio eases you off of any financial burden which might add to the stress and woes in case there is an eventuality. Guarding your home is your responsibility. Hence, if need be, it should be always covered, given that anything can happen anytime.

The Home Suvidha plan is one of the most convenient plans and is a complete protector plan. It covers you comprehensively when it comes to any unexpected home-related events. Being a simple policy it can help you in many stages. It is only your prerogative to choose which home insurance quote is right for you and how you want to customize that policy in general.

It Offers Coverage from Fire: Be it any situation which allows a fire to start and cause damage to the property, it is bound to be covered by your home insurance plan. You cannot control the situation or the circumstances of the events, but you can stay prepared at all times. The contents of your premises should be protected. It could be fire due to the explosion, overflowing of tanks, or any allied issues, such as natural calamities like a flood, cyclone, or anything along similar lines; Home Suvidha offers coverage for all of it.

Theft: It can become troublesome given that thefts happen every single day. It would be very careless to leave it to fate every time. You might have expensive equipment, the loss of which can cause severe financial damages if exposed to the threat of theft in general. Therefore, getting the Home Suvidha policy by IFFCO Tokio will help you stay covered and protected.

All Equipment: You get coverage for issues that damage your tangible property, such as the TV or the microwave or the AC. Aerial fittings that come with the equipment are also covered under the plan. If the equipment is not older than 7 years old, the entire damage is borne by the insurance company. All items that have been in the house and belong to your family members or you are covered. You need to present legitimate bills when you put forth your claims for the same. You need to protect the contents of your house. As a homeowner, you should have enough insurance to protect the outside structure of your house and also the belongings at home. This could be the furniture or the electrical appliances that you have. You can also take cover to protect the jewelry that you may have at home. The items could get damaged because of water flooding or fire and this would spoil the valuables. It thus makes sense to get them covered.

Personal Accidents: Any injuries or issues caused to you on the property are also covered under the personal accident add on.

Temporary Relocation: Most insurance companies also cover alternative accommodations in case the house gets completely damaged and needs repair. This will be for a short time period only. Some insurance companies also cover the fee for the architect to redesign the house, personal accident, and cost of removing the debris. For this, however, you might need to buy extra riders that will come at an additional premium amount. Make sure to go through the riders that the insurance company provides and buy those that you need.

Liability Coverage: The home insurance could also cover an accident that could lead to third party liability in the house. The home insurance policy is important because it helps protect the homeowner from major financial losses. Any bodily injury that occurs has to be covered by the insurance company irrespective of the damages caused. It could be a partial or complete permanent disability as well.

Kutcha Houses Policy: Damages to the house can mean anything. It could be simply replacing a component or it can also mean reconstructing the entire house. The best home insurance plan should cover the house structure. You should consider the built-up area and the total cost for construction. This is the reinstatement value. The agreed value to calculate the best home insurance plan is the area of the land the house is built on and the total cost of building the house. The indemnity value of the property is the cost of construction and the property depreciation value because of the age of the property. It is possible that the house needs reconstruction and it is only natural to under-estimate the kind of cost that reconstruction takes. Therefore, there are stringent policies which are extended as part of the plan. It could be such that the policy doesn’t cover your kind of house. Therefore, it is mandatory that you go through the documents to understand if your house is the kind that is covered under the policy.

Houses which are made with imperfections, such as temporary or crude material, or makeshift material to make it work for the time being are usually excluded from the policy. Damages are covered only for permanent property which is sturdy and can stand the test of time easily. All outbuilding equipment, gates, fences, fixtures, garages and the other properties of the house should not be of kutcha quality. It should be strong, durable, and long-lasting. Is your house qualified to withstand that agreement document? Read the policy documents before you sign the dotted lines.

Personal Computers: Installation of computers in the household is not news to anybody. Given that it has now qualified as one of the basic necessities of current times, it is only natural that you have to get one for your own home too and protect it. The cost of repairing it for damage caused due to natural causes and the likes are borne by the insurance company. Inspection tests are conducted before sanctions are cleared for the damaged property. If the equipment is less than 5 years old, only then does it qualify for coverage under the policy.

War Risk: War-related issues and risks are not covered under the plan. It could be a war of any nature. For detailed information on war-related risk, you could always contact your insurance company, which can give you a clear picture of what is covered and what is excluded in general.

Confiscation: Any damage due to confiscation of property under government measures, requisition, or any kind of detention is usually not included in the policy document, for it is listed as exclusions. It could be unlawful property, it could be on government land where construction is not allowed, it could be an area which is required for government projects and the likes; in such cases, the area may be confiscated. It is unlikely for the insurance company or provider to give you any protection against that, given that it would lead to the implementation of policies against the law of the land.

Wear and Tear: The property undergoes wear and tear. However, as it grows older, the structural strength starts diminishing, which is an added expense and causes a lot of issues later on. Therefore, any generic wear and tear or depreciation of the building is not covered under any home insurance plan.

Damages Due to Movement or to Consumable Items: Consumable items for the house comprise of things like bulbs, lights, fans, wires, seals, belts, tools made of glass, porcelain, ceramic, and the likes, and are not covered due to their fragile nature. Any cost of damage that is incurred due to the movement of the objects from one place to another is also not covered by the policies in general.

IFFCO Tokio Online Home Family Protector Insurance

Home is one of the most prized possessions that you have. It is only obvious that you would want to opt for something that is secure and beneficial for and protects your family and home in a comprehensive package. Coverage under the online home and family protector plan by IFFCO Tokio includes:

Natural calamities: Natural calamities can strike anytime and anywhere. Calamities like earthquakes, floods, fires, explosions, etc. are unavoidable at times. It is therefore important to ensure the protection of your home from such eventualities.

It protects you against man-made issues: There are several man-made risks like riots, thefts, burglaries, acts of vandalism, etc. that can lead to your property getting damaged. Under the right home insurance quote, you can opt for coverage against such issues as well.

You get equipment coverage: You can cover all your household items under the policy. It offers additional protection without the need to purchase rider plans that only adds to the financial aspect of the policy.

Personal accident or injury: The plan also offers personal accident injury coverage. The plan is meant to protect you and your family members from uncertain situations.

This plan is a complete protector plan: It offers several other kinds of protection as well, such as loan repayment protection, increased living expenses protection, breakdown of any equipment in general, etc.

Coverage in case of fire: If a fire causes damage to the property, it is covered by the home insurance plan. You cannot control the circumstances, but you can stay prepared. The contents of your premises are flammable and should be protected.

Theft: Thefts happen every single day. You cannot leave it to fate every time. Losing expensive equipment can cause severe financial issues. Getting home insurance from IFFCO Tokio will help you stay covered and protected.

Equipment Coverage: Events or issues that lead to the damage of tangible property such as TV or microwave are also covered. You need to protect the contents of your house. As a homeowner, you should opt for enough insurance to protect the outside structure of your house and also the belongings inside.

Personal Accidents: Injuries caused to you or a third party on the property, because of reasons that are covered under the policy, are also covered.

Alternative Accommodation: Most insurance companies give you coverage for alternative accommodation in case the house gets completely damaged and needs repair. This will be for a short time only. Some also cover the fee for architects to redesign the house and for the cost of removing debris. For this, you need to buy riders that will come at an additional premium.

Personal Computers: The costs of repairing computers from damages caused due to natural causes are borne by the insurance company.

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