Benefits of Home Family Protector Policy from IFFCO Tokio

 You must understand that damage to your house not only causes you monetary loss, but it also causes significant emotional pain when you need to rebuild everything from scratch. The whole process is tiring, painful and tedious. The home protector insurance policy from IFFCO Tokio offers numerous benefits. With the comprehensive benefits offered by our Home protect insurance, you are saved from such hassles. Following are the key benefits offered by our policy: -

Protection against Loss of Valuables: In addition to offering protection to you, your family members and your house against any damages or injuries caused due to any reason acceptable under the policy, you are also insured against loss of your precious and valuable belongings which were kept inside the house. It includes valuables such as electronic appliances, furniture, etc. Replacing these valuables in the absence of an insurance policy would be practically impossible for you.

Protection against Third-Party Liabilities: Our home protector insurance policy also provides your coverage against liabilities towards the third party, which might have been incurred while they were inside your house or out of the damage caused to the house when they were around it. In such cases, you and your family members are legally liable to compensate the third party for the losses incurred. But with coverage of our policy, you need not worry about such expenditure, as we would take care of it.

Protection against Calamities (Natural and Man-Made): Our policy enables you to recover from the significant financial losses incurred due to natural calamities such as flood, storm earthquakes, etc. We also cover you against man-made calamities such as strikes, theft, burglary, or other acts carried out with malafide intentions.

Easy to Avail Home Loans: Our home protector insurance is regarded highly by banks, and if you are enjoying the coverage of our policy, it is relatively easy for you to obtain a loan against your house. Most banks and financial institutions at present demand insurance coverage for homes against which the loan is being sought.

Protection against Loss of Rent: Our home protects insurance policy would reimburse you against the losses incurred due to loss of rental income. This benefit would be available if your house has been rendered inhabitable due to the damages caused and there are no tenants living there now.

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