Why Buy Critical Health Insurance Online?

You must be wondering about the advantages of buying IFFCO Tokio’s critical health insurance policy online instead of opting for it offline. An online critical health insurance policy has many more advantages over just cutting down on paperwork. There are almost 49 million internet users around the world today and the last few years have seen tremendous growth in online shopping. This huge increase in online shopping and internet usage, in general, has also led to an increase in people buying insurance plans online, including critical illness cover. In fact, more and more people are replacing their financial advisors with online portals which help them buy important policies such as their online critical health insurance. To opt for something like IFFCO Tokio’s online critical health insurance policy, one simply needs to fill up an online form and make the required payment through their debit or credit card or through internet banking. It’s hassle-free and smooth and makes the process of buying IFFCO Tokio’s critical illness cover super easy.

Common advantages of buying online critical illness insurance

Earlier opting for a new policy meant spending hours talking to an insurance agent. And more than often, you had to depend on the agent’s communication skills and expertise to know whether the policy is apt for you or not. Now thanks to online critical illness insurance, you can save up on precious time and take faster decisions. You can read up on everything that you need to know about the policy and then make an informed decision about buying your online critical health insurance within hours.

Earlier, people used to take copious notes about different policies being offered by different companies and this manual process used to be hectic and cumbersome. Now there are details about different policies on every company’s website and there are specific websites which help in comparing and choosing which online critical health insurance is ideal for you.

You can find all the policy decisions including benefits, exclusions, terms and conditions, definitions and other logistical aspects regarding the cancellation, etc. all on the same page. You can simply browse through and know all that you need to know about an online critical illness insurance policy. You will have a much-informed perspective before making your decision and you will know what to expect from the policy beforehand so that you don’t get confused or feel disheartened later.

Information about your online critical health insurance policy is transparently available online, and you can access it any time. It helps you crosscheck important dates and clauses from time to time.

Buying online critical health insurance is not only secure it is also tremendously first giving you an instant investment proof which starts your period of coverage.

Special provisions

The special provisions for IFFCO Tokio’s critical health insurance policy are as follows:

Each of the above critical illness mentioned in the online critical illness Policy must be confirmed by a registered Medical Practitioner and must be supported by clinical, radiological, histological and laboratory evidence acceptable to IFFCO Tokio.

IFFCO Tokio will make payment to Insured Person only once in respect of the treatment of any particular critical illness or injury.

The cover under IFFCO Tokio’s critical health insurance policy in respect of a critical illness or injuries for any Insured Person shall cease upon the reimbursement of medical expenses incurred as inpatient /provision of Cashless hospitalization on the treatment of the critical illness or injuries.