Key Benefits of IFFCO TOKIO’s Swasthya Kavach Policy

There are many benefits of buying the Family Floater Health Insurance. Here are a few.

Automatic reinstatement of Sum Insured – Special provision is available for automatic reinstatement of Sum Insured in the event of a claim under the Policy, to the extent of the claim amount paid, except for some specified chronic diseases. The reinstatement premium is computed on a short period basis, from date of hospitalisation till the expiry of policy, and deducted from the claim amount itself. This ensures that the Insured does not have any worries about getting the benefit of full Sum Insured again, for a subsequent claim in respect of any family member covered under the Policy, unlike the standard policies available in the market, where Sum Insured gets reduced by the claim amount for the balance period under the policy.

Wide range of network hospitals – IFFCO Tokio has a large number of network hospitals all across the country (exceeding 4600+), where cashless claim settlement facility is available. There is also 24x7 customer support service in place, for any support relating to claims.

Unique add-on covers - Unique add-on cover available through the Critical Illness Extension under the Wider Plan option of this Policy, on payment of a small extra premium.

Portability facility – Portability facility is available under the Wider Plan option, for persons desiring to switch in from covers under other Insurer’s Policies.

Emergency medical and personal assistance – Unique emergency medical and personal assistance available for all insured persons undertaking domestic travel, through the Value Added Services available under both the Plan options of this Policy,

Cumulative Bonus – Cumulative Bonus (i.e. free enhancement of Sum Insured) of 5% is granted per claim free year on renewal, subject to maximum 50% of Basic Sum Insured. In the event of a claim of any family member covered under the Policy, existing Cumulative Bonus is not entirely withdrawn, but gets reduced by 10% at next renewal, subject to the stipulation that expiring Basic Sum Insured shall be maintained. The facility of Cumulative Bonus is available only under the Wider Plan and not under the Base Plan of this policy.

Special premium discount scheme – A special premium discount scheme is available under this Policy, if the Insured has affected his Motor Insurance Policy with IFFCO Tokio, or if he is covered simultaneously as an employee/member under any Group Medical Policy issued by IFFCO Tokio.

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