Dear Customer,

In these unprecedented times when the entire country is taking preventive measures for COVID-19, we at IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Company Limited are taking the required measures keeping in mind the health and well-being of our customers.

For your own safety, we would urge you to renew your existing health policy and continue to avail the hospitalization benefits. You can use our digital channels for renewal. 

  • You can renew by clicking the link below here
  • Our mobile applications "IFFCO Tokio - Customer" is available both for Android and IOS. You are requested to download the customer applications and buy/renew polices at your convenience by clicking here

In case of an event where you may require to lodge a claim you can do that from the comfort of your home through the following services :-

  • Call our helpline 18001035499 from 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM.
  • SMS “CLAIM” to 56161.
  • Log in to Iffco Tokio website by clicking here

We, at IFFCO Tokio, are at your service.

Stay Safe.



Where are the COVID-19 Test Centers and Hospitals?

Will my existing IFFCO Tokio individual and family health insurance policies cover COVID-19?

Yes, any hospitalization expenses related to COVID-19 will be covered under our health insurance policies like SKP, IHP, FHP, IMI, HPP, SRB as per the policy terms and conditions.

How to Intimate My or Family Member Claim When Admitted in a Hospital

Presently, you can intimate the claim through digital tools like online (link) or through our mobile Customer App. In case you are admitted in a network hospital, you can avail cashless facilities.

Are the expenses on medicines and diagnostic tests incurred during medically advised home isolation due to COVID-19 covered?

All admissible expenses within the pre and post hospitalisation period will be covered n accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

Will the IFFCO Tokio health insurance policies cover expenses due to quarantine?

Medical expenses incurred during quarantine in a hospital as advised by a registered Medical Practitioner will be covered in accordance with the policy terms and conditions. However, expenses incurred on account of self-quarantine or quarantine at home will not be covered.

Will the policy cover if hospitalized outside India?

No. As per the policy terms and conditions, the geographical scope of the policy is limited to India.

If I had travelled abroad, will the travel history affect my claims under the policy?

No. As long as the hospitalization is in India, your travel history abroad will not affect the admissibility of claim under the policy.

What are the hospitalisation expenses that will not be covered if admitted for COVID-19?

The non-payable expenses are as listed in the policy terms and conditions.

Will the expenses like consultations with a Doctor and diagnostic tests in relation to COVID-19 covered under my Health Insurance policy?

Yes, such expenses will be covered within the pre and post hospitalisation period as per the policy terms and conditions. Presently it is 30 day period prior to date of admission and 60 day period after date of discharge will be covered in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.