What are the various types of car insurance policies?

Following are a few types of car insurance policies:

  • Liability insurance

Liability insurance comes to your aid when you are in an accident which is caused by your fault. Such an insurance policy will cover the medical bills of the third-party and the repair costs of their damaged property.

  • Comprehensive insurance

Many vehicle owners prefer to go for comprehensive car insurance policy since this policy covers not the third-party in case of an accident, but the policyholder as well. This insurance policy also covers damages caused due to floods, bad weather, theft, and fire.

  • Collision coverage insurance

There are accidents that take place which can leave the car needing repairs which amount to more than its market value. In such cases, a collision coverage insurance can come in quite handy as this insurance will cover the repair expenses.

  • Personal injury protection plan

If you want to cover yourself (being the driver) and all your passengers, you can opt for a personal injury protection plan. Irrespective of the person responsible of the accident, the personal injury protection plan will take care of all the medical bills of the vehicle owner, driver, as well as passengers.