What does a home insurance plan cover?

A home insurance policy covers damages that happen to your house due to a variety of reasons. Some aspects of coverage include:

Damage due to natural calamities 

Home insurance plans provide coverage to the policyholder when their insured house suffers damages as a result of natural calamities such as earthquakes, storms, lightning, floods, and so on. 

Damage due to fire 

If a fire caused naturally or caused by humans, causes damage to the insured house, the policyholder can raise a claim and get compensation for the same under their home insurance policy. 

Damage due to theft

Any damages caused due to theft, robbery, larceny, or housebreaking are considered under home insurance plans and are compensated by the insurer according to the policy wordings.  

Damage to contents 

The home insurance plan also provides coverage to the belongings that are a part of the household. The contents coverage includes jewelry, fine arts, decor, electronic and domestic appliances, furniture, personal computer, and so on.