What are the limitations of BMI?

  • BMI is one of the easiest ways to gauge one’s physical condition. However, it also has a few shortcomings, like- 

  1. Older people tend to have more body fat when compared to younger individuals who have the same BMI. To help you understand better here is an example - If a young man and an old man have a BMI of 28, both will be categorized as normal. However, the older man will have a higher body fat percentage in his body as compared to the young man.

  2. Due to the training athletes undergo, they tend to have a higher muscle mass. This increases their body weight and thus the BMI calculation with the usually required information would turn up a BMI value that is not entirely correct. 

  3. Owing to the difference in physical attributes, men are most likely to have lesser body fat when compared to women who have the same BMI.