What is Group Mediclaim Insurance?

Group mediclaim insurance is a type of health insurance plan that can be used to cover a group of individuals (50 or more), usually employees of an organisation. These plans can also be used to cover other kinds of groups as well, such as associations, corporate bodies, institutions, and so on. These plans protect the insured group members against injuries, illnesses and other such medical conditions. The coverage of a group mediclaim policy can also be extended to cover the dependents of the insured group members.

Is group mediclaim insurance cheaper than individual health insurance?

Yes, since group mediclaim insurance covers so many individuals at once, these plans tend to be more affordable than a normal individual health insurance policy.

Can I be covered by two group mediclaim insurance policies at once?

Yes, you can enjoy direct cover from your employer, and at the same time, you can also enjoy cover as a dependent through your spouse’s group insurance policy (if he or she has one).

Can I have an individual health insurance plan and a group insurance policy?

Yes, in addition to your group mediclaim insurance policy, you can have individual health insurance policy to enjoy better protection against medical emergencies.

Will my pre-existing conditions be covered under my group health insurance policy?

Yes! You will be covered for pre-existing conditions! This is one of the biggest benefits of a group mediclaim insurance policy. You won’t even have to give any medical tests or endure any sort of waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

Does group mediclaim insurance have a waiting period?

No, this is one of the major highlights of a group health insurance policy – it does not have any waiting periods. The coverage begins right from the day you are included in the plan.

What are the advantages of buying Group Mediclaim Policy?

As the name suggests, this policy can be used to ensure a number of people at once under the same policy, thus making it a viable form of online business insurance. There are various reasons why this policy is affordable for office employees, as well as an extremely affordable choice when it comes to cheap business insurance options. Here are the advantages:

What does the policy cover?

There are a number of reasons to choose Group Mediclaim Policy offered by IFFCO Tokio, a lot of which gets highlighted in the business insurance reviews by existing customers. Whether you are concerned about the coverage offered to your family or the ambit of this policy as business insurance cover, there is nothing to worry about. Here is all of what IFFCO Tokio’s Group Mediclaim Policy covers:

Various hospitalization charges are included in this policy.

  • This policy covers the cost of diagnostic expenses incurred, the consumables required and the costs incurred for medicines required by you.
  • The policy also offers cover for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization costs.
  • Daycare treatment and domiciliary hospitalization are also covered by IFFCO Tokio’s Group Mediclaim Policy.