Corporate Health | IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company in India

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IFFCO-Tokio offers covers for employees and their family members from hospital and medical expenditure that accompany an illness or accident. There is flexibility to choose covers as per requirement, we also offer coverage on critical illness and advanced Technological Surgeries & Procedures that requires less than 24 Hrs Hospitalization.

Group Mediclaim insurance

The Group Mediclaim Policy will be available to any Group/Association/ Institution/ Corporate Body of more than 50 persons/families provided it has a central administration point. Each insured should cover all eligible members (insured Persons) under one group policy only. In other words different categories of eligible members shall not be allowed to be covered under different group policies. It is not permissible to issue any un-named group policies. The group policy will be issued in accordance with IRDA guidelines, in the name of the Group/ Association / Institution / Corporate Body (called insured) with a schedule of names of the members including his/her eligible family members. Learn More »

Group Personal Accident Insurance

This policy is basically designed to offer some sort of compensation to the insured person who suffers bodily injury solely as a result of an accident which is external, violent and visible. Hence death or injury due to any illness or disease is not covered by the policy. Learn More »

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