The New Bajaj Freedom CNG Bike: A Game Changer Two-Wheeler

Bajaj Freedom Bike


Bajaj Auto, a pioneer of the two-wheeler market in India, has added another feather to its cap with the launch of the world’s first CNG bike, the Bajaj Freedom. Yes, you heard it right. The two-wheeler giant has pushed the boundaries of innovation to cater to the rising demand for eco-friendly transportation. This bike combines Bajaj's renowned performance with the economic and environmental benefits of CNG fuel.


Highlights of the Bajaj Freedom

  • Bi-fuel Model: Bajaj has revolutionized the two-wheeler segment with the launch of the first CNG-powered bike. With an engine capacity of 125 cc, this bike also has a small petrol tank for a smooth switch, making it a convenient ride partner.

  • Fuel Capacity: Bajaj Freedom comes bundled with a CNG tank with 12.5 L capacity and a 2 L petrol tank. This combination ensures a smoother ride without worrying about frequent refueling.

  • Mileage: On petrol, the bike delivers an impressive mileage of 65 km per liter and approximately 100 km per kg when on CNG mode. The combined range is around 330 km, which is great for a longer commute.

  • Build Quality: True to Bajaj's reputation, the bike comes packed with sturdy build quality, mono-link suspension, and even Bluetooth connectivity. The Bajaj Freedom is a game changer in the world of motorcycles.


Models and Pricing

Bajaj Freedom is launched with three variants- Freedom Drum, Freedom Drum LED, and Freedom Disc LED. 

To understand these variants better, have a look at the comparison table given below-


Freedom 125 NG04 Drum

Freedom 125 NG04 Drum LED

Freedom 125 NG04 Disc LED

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 95,000

₹ 1,05,000

₹ 1,10,000

CNG capacity

12.5 litre

12.5 litre

12.5 litre

Petrol capacity

2 litres

2 litres

2 litres

Front tyre

80/90 -17 (TL)

90/80 -17 (TL)

90/80 -17 (TL)

Rear tyre

80/100-16 (TL)

120/70-16 (TL)

120/70-16 (TL)

Front brake

130 Drum

130 Drum

240 Disc

Rear tyre

110 Drum-CBS

130 Drum-CBS

130 Drum-CBS





*TL- Tubeless

*CBS- Combined Braking System


Why Bajaj's Freedom Bike Stands Out

  • Eco-Friendly: With the launch of Freedom bikes, Bajaj has paved the way to switch to a more eco-friendly mode of commute from conventional bikes. The reduced carbon footprint of the CNG-powered bike will make it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


  • Cost-effective: Bajaj Freedom is said to cut the operational cost for riders by almost 50%, making it a pocket-friendly option for daily commuters. Given the promising mileage, the Bajaj Freedom will definitely be an economical ride.


  • Performance: Bajaj stands out the best when it comes to performance. The bi-fuel technology adds to this forte, as the 125cc-powered engine is efficient enough for local and long-distance commutes as well, given the dual-tank benefit.


  • Versatility: The name of the bike, Bajaj Freedom, resonates with the idea of flexibility that the commuter gets. Depending on your preference and the availability of CNG in a particular region, you can easily switch between CNG and petrol. This versatility is a major boon, especially in areas where CNG refueling stations are not available.


  • Global Appeal: While designed for the Indian market, Bajaj's CNG bike has the potential to turn heads worldwide. Being the first player in the motorcycle segment to launch a CNG plus petrol bike speaks volumes about Bajaj’s innovation and legacy.



Bajaj has successfully changed the lens with which the world looks at two-wheelers. Bajaj Freedom lets you experience the best of both worlds: the environmental and pocket-friendly benefits of CNG along with the reliable and lasting performance of petrol. The modernization and competitive pricing are unmatched, making Bajaj Freedom a perfect fit for both budget-conscious and performance-driven commuters.

Even the best of bikes requires a safety shield that guards you and your two-wheeler against any unfortunate event like accidents, theft, or third-party liability. Consider purchasing a bike insurance policy to enhance overall safety of your new Bajaj Freedom.

With high-class performance, a strong build, and an eco-friendly fuel option, Bajaj Freedom will pave the way for revolution in the two-wheeler market across the globe. Here's wishing you a happy ride with Bajaj Freedom.

Disclaimer: The content on this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice or any form of opinion. Please consult with a qualified professional before making any decisions regarding financial matters.

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