What is On Road Assistance?

On Road Assistance is a service that is offered by IFFCO Tokio that provides the insured with everything from battery jump starts to towing services. When you opt for the Road Assistance cover, you are covered anywhere in country in case of an emergency arises and your vehicle is immobilized.

What all services are covered under this On Road Assistance cover?

The on road assistance cover offers several services and benefits to the insured in case of breakdowns and vehicle immobilization. Some of the most common coverage offered under this benefit includes:

  • Towing services.
  • On road assistance for battery, flat tire, refuelling, etc.
  • On the spot repair for minor damages.
  • Fuel delivery.
  • Arranging taxi services.
  • Medical or hotel coordination.
  • Lost/Locked-in key services.
  • Relaying urgent message.


How will IFFCO Tokio manage to deliver timely assistance in case I breakdown away from my home city?

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd. Has a number of partnerships and tie-ups with a number of garages and break down service providers all over the country, who can provide the required on road assistance services to the customers, no matter where they are. As soon as you put in a request for on road assistance, IFFCO Tokio will contact the garage that is nearest to you and intimate them of the emergency. The garage that has been contacted will provide you services based on your vehicle, where you are, and on other circumstances.

Do I have to pay for the services I avail under the road assistance cover?

This depends on the services that you opt for. While a number of services, like towing your car up to a particular distance, arranging for taxi services up to 50 km from the incident site, etc. are free of charge, there will be some things that you might be required to pay for. For example, if you call for emergency fuel delivery services, the delivery will not be chargeable, but you will have to bear the price of the fuel so delivered and if you opt for hotel coordination services, the assistance will be free, but you will have to bear the charges for the hotel itself.

Does the On Road Assistance cover have exclusions?

Yes. The road assistance cover is an additional benefit offered with comprehensive car insurance online, so the basic exclusions that are there under the comprehensive car insurance cover will also hold good under this add-on cover as well. However, to get a clear picture of what these exclusions are, you should read the policy document thoroughly or get in touch with the customer support team at IFFCO Tokio in case you have any doubts or queries.

Is it worth investing in on road assistance if I have a very old car?

It becomes even more important to opt for coverage under the on road assistance cover if your car is old. As a car ages, the chances of it breaking down or suffering from other electrical or mechanical fails also increases. You never know where you might be when such an emergency arises. You should make sure that your car is covered with an on road assistance cover, regardless of the age of your car.