Family Health Protector Policy
आपल्या कुटुंबाच्या आरोग्य जोखीम आणि आर्थिक अडचणींपासून संरक्षण केले, कॅशलेस हॉस्पिटलचा लाभ आणि ..
 Health Protector Policy
    अंगांच्या प्रत्यारोपणासारख्या कोणत्याही इजा किंवा रोग संबंधित आकस्मिक खर्चाचे हॉस्पिटलचे... अधिक वाचा
स्वास्थ्य कवच पॉलिसी
आपल्या कुटुंबाचे वैद्यकीय खर्च विरूद्ध रक्षण करा ज्यामध्ये हॉस्पिटलायझेशन, आपत्कालीन व्यवस्था आणि... अधिक वाचा
Individual Medishield Policy
  भारतातील 3000 हून अधिक रुग्णालयांमध्ये रोख मुक्त रुग्णालयात दाखल लाभ घ्या. आजारपण किंवा ...
अॅक्सिडेंटल इन्शुरन्स पॉलिसी
वैयक्तिक वैयक्तिक अपघात असलेल्या अनिश्चित वेळासाठी योग्य प्रकारचे संरक्षण मिळवा ...अधिक वाचा
Critical Illness Insurance
गंभीर आजारांदरम्यान आपल्या आणि आपल्या कुटुंबाचे रक्षण करण्यासाठी हॉस्पिटलमध्ये व्यापक कव्हरेज... अधिक वाचा
हेल्थ प्रोटेक्टर प्लस पॉलिसी
संबंधित कोणत्याही इजा किंवा रोगाचा उच्च उपचार खर्च विरूद्ध संरक्षण मिळवा … अधिक वाचा

Online Health Insurance Plan from IFFCO Tokio

Health Insurance is a ‘must-to-have’ element for everyone. We, at IFFCO Tokio, offer you a hassle-free online health insurance policy that gives you ‘freedom from huge medical losses’. It empowers you with best medical assistance whether it is a physical damage or loss of health and supports you financially.

Health Insurance Plans: How to avail it?

There are two ways of availing Health Insurance Plans;

  • By direct reimbursements to the insured for expenses incurred from illness/injury
  • Direct payment to the medical service provider

Health Insurance Plans at IFFCO Tokio

Health or medical insurance in India has become vital in today’s life and should not be considered only for old age. Given the fact that misfortunes might occur anytime owing to a sedentary lifestyle, a cover for safeguarding yourself from financial burden has become mandatory. Also, as medical expenses have been on steep rise, with use of technology or fees of doctors, it is important that you protect yourself from all these uncertainties with the right medical insurance plans.

IFFCO Tokio understands your needs and offers wide range of health insurance solutions, to safeguard you from financial shocks.

Advantages of Online Health Insurance

To cover from unforeseen health hazards, buy our health insurance online and get the following advantages:

Save time by just browsing through our website and choose from our medical insurance plans as per your requirements.

Get Tax benefits with the payment made towards health insurance premium (under section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act).

Receive Digitally signed Policy document immediately for online purchases.

Choose your Health Insurance Policy wisely and secure yourself from unexpected worries. And, you can now do it online without any hassles.

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