Buy Critical Illness Plan as Rider or Standalone Insurance

 A particular critical illness cover is unique and has a different set of approaches when it comes to defining the terms of a medical insurance plan or critical health insurance plan in this case. Although the policy might sound like a plan which is meant only for individuals, do not fret, because the policy is a rider kind of health policy which is available for everyone, meaning your family and you.

Typically, critical health insurance policies are always procrastinated. Even if salaried employees have an option to pick it out as part of their company compensation, most of them do it as a tax saving option as they extend it to their immediate dependents such as spouse, parents and even kids. However, not many of them realize that critical illness insurance in India is not just a tax-saving instrument, but also one of the most important gifts that can be given to your family.

The major advantages of having critical health insurance are as follows:

  • It covers you during medical emergencies.

  • A mediclaim policy allows your insurer to take care of your medical expenses as per the plan.

  • Helps you save income tax under section 80D.

  • Helps you stay afloat with attractive plans and policies until old age.

  • IFFCO-Tokio has multiple individual and family-based plans which can be used as a base plan and later a critical insurance plan can be added as a benefit on top of that. The major plans from the house of IFFCO-Tokio are as follows:

As a brand, we at IFFCO-Tokio have always been customer-centric. Be it any medical insurance plan or any health insurance plan that you buy online, it would always be customized to suit your needs. As an individual, you need health insurance for several reasons and so does your dependent family. Before choosing a plan, it is essential that you analyze what are you exactly looking for and what should the cover be like in reality. Understanding the differences between a regular health insurance plan and medical insurance is essential irrespective of the fact that you are indeed buying it.

Buying a critical illness cover in India plan can be indeed challenging given that the awareness about it so little. It can be possible that people confuse it with a standard health insurance plan too. While you are bound to find affordable health insurance plans, picking out a particular plan can make all the difference. Therefore, it’s important that you purchase the best and the most effective IFFCO-Tokio online critical illness policy for yourself and your family.