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Glossary beginning with M

Manualsearch for term

A book of rates, rules, and coverages usually available for each kind of insurance

Margin of Solvencysearch for term

The total assets of an insurance company must exceed its liabilities (other than share capital) by a relevant amount, known as the margin of solvency

Marinesearch for term

Pertaining to the sea or to transportation: usually divided as to 'ocean marine' and 'inland marine'; the insurance covering transportation risks

Marine Insurancesearch for term

A form of insurance primarily concerned with means of transportation and communication, and with goods in transit

Market Valuesearch for term

The price for which something would sell, especially the value of certain types of assets, such as stocks and bonds. It is based on what they would sell for under current market conditions. For example, common stock market value would be the price of the stock as of a specified date

Material Damage Policysearch for term

The policy covering damage to property (usually a commercial fire policy) as the result of which damage a business interruption claim may result. It is a condition of business interruption insurance that a material damage policy must be and remain in force

Material Factsearch for term

Information about the subject of insurance that if known would change the underwriting basis of the insurance, and which would cause the insurer to refuse the application or charge a higher rate

Misrepresentationsearch for term

Act of making, issuing, circulating or causing to be issued or circulated an estimate, an illustration, a circular or a statement of any kind that does not represent the correct policy terms, dividends or share of surplus or the name or title for any policy or class of policies that does not in fact reflect its true nature.

Moral Hazardsearch for term

Moral Hazard refers to increase in probability of loss that results from dishonesty in the character of the insured person. Thus it is the dishonest tendencies on the part of the insured person that may induce that person to attempt to defraud the insurance company

Morale Hazardsearch for term

An attitude that increases the probability of loss from a peril. The attitude of, "It's insured; so why worry?" is an example of a morale hazard

Mortgagesearch for term

A deposit or conditional transfer to secure the performance of some act: the person who makes the transfer is called the 'mortgagor', the other party, the 'mortgagee'; sometimes an intermediary called a 'trustee' is appointed

Mortgagorsearch for term

A borrower who takes out a mortgage

MPL (Maximum Probable Loss)search for term

The largest loss thought probable under a given insurance policy. Normally applied to material damage risks where the total sum insured is not considered to be at risk from one loss event

Multi-Peril Policysearch for term

A package policy which provides protection against a number of separate perils. Multi-peril policies are not necessarily multiple line policies, since the combined perils may be all within one insurance line

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