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Travel Insurance claim rejected? Here are 5 reasons why.

Travel Insurance claim rejected? Here are 5 reasons why.

Imagine returning from a soul-refreshing trip from the Bahamas, filing a travel claim and being informed that it has been ‘rejected’; well, it is something that most of us don’t really anticipate, but when it happens, it can be an inconvenient experience. When you buy travel insurance, you buy it with the intent of being insured on your travels, and certainly not to hear that your travel claim(s) have been rejected. Therefore, to save yourself from this stress, it is important to understand what the major reasons behind it are.

Here are the major 5 reasons travel claims often get rejected: -
1. Not reading the Fine Print
When you invest in travel insurance, reading the fine print i.e. being aware of its terms and conditions is supremely important. Read the policy document carefully and opt for the cover that you need, so that your travel insurance serves the purpose you bought it for.
2. Not sharing your medical history
Contrary to popular belief, not sharing your medical history does not necessarily mean lower premiums. While buying travel insurance, it is essential that your medical history is properly documented to determine the right insurance amount, and reduce any unnecessary hassle when it comes to making a travel claim.
3. Not being clear on the policy exclusions
Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs on your travels is never advisable, especially since it increases the risk of mishaps. The same goes for adventure sports which many travel insurance policies do not cover.
To get the coverage that you are entitled to, make sure you are well-informed about what’s covered under the travel policy, and what isn’t.
4. Not having the necessary proof
When you make a claim, your insurer needs proof of everything that you’ve claimed for. So, keep all the necessary documents in place to make a claim. If you miss out on anything, there’s a high possibility that you might not get the reimbursement for it.
5. Travelling to places with ‘travel warnings’
If you plan to a head out to a place for which travel warnings have been issued, think twice before going for it. It is highly probable that your policy will not provide coverage in such an instance. So, always check for travel warnings to ascertain if the place you are travelling to is safe to visit or not, and also whether it is covered under your travel insurance.
More often than not, it is easy to ignore these reasons which result in the rejection of travel claims. Make a note of them all so that your travel insurance can come to your aid when you need it to.
**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**


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